Business Plan

Basic Business Plan

The package includes:

  • 3-4 page condensed business plan
  • Typically useful for franchise business applying for bank loans
  • 1-2 Revisions
  • Unlimited Follow-up Emails
Detailed Business Plan

The package includes:

  • Market research
  • 10-12 page business plan covering sections - Executive Summary, Business Overview, Business Model, Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan
  • 3-4 Revisions
  • Unlimited Follow-up Emails
  • 30 Minute Phone Consulting
Advanced Business Plan

The package includes:

  • In depth market research
  • 20-25 page business plan covering sections - Executive Summary, Business Overview, Business Model, Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan
  • 5-6 Revisions
  • Unlimited Follow-up Emails
  • 1 Hour Phone Consulting

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Business Plan Overview

        In our view, a Business plan serves two important purposes:

  1. The business plan is required when applying for external funding; either in the form of loan or investment; from various sources such as banks, angel investors or venture capital.
  2. In addition, there is another often overlooked purpose the process of creating a business plan serves; which is to validate the business model and financial projections with yourself as well as with outsiders by taking a critical view at the assumptions and projections.

        The end goal in the first case is to prepare a well thought-out business plan presented with convincing arguments that will persuade the investor to provide you the funding; while the end goal in the second case is to convince yourself that the journey you are embarking on is well worth taking.

        A typical business plan covers these sections

  • Executive Summary - Vision, Business Model, Goals (Short-term and Long-term), Key Success Factors, Funding Needs
  • Business Overview - Current Status, Management Team, Ownership
  • Business Model - Products / Services, Value Proposition, Revenue Model
  • Market Analysis - Market Overview, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Analysis, Target market Segments, Competition
  • Marketing Plan - Advertising and PR, Internet Marketing
  • Financial Plan - Financial Projections, Breakeven Analysis, Scenario Analysis, Use of Funds

Our Approach

        At Angel Business Advisors we approach the business plan from the perspective of a decision maker. A potential investors in your business will be looking for information to answer two important questions before making an investment decision:

  1. How much return can he expect from this investment? How soon?
  2. What are the risks associated with this investment - i.e. what are the chances of this business succeeding?

        We ensure that these two questions are addressed thoroughly. As long as the investor gets clear understanding of risks vs. reward; he/she will feel comfortable and confident in making the investment in your business. The investors try to avoid uncertainty; which is why the more information you can provide in easy to understand format; the more confident they will feel about investing in your business.

        We pay careful attention to not only the content of the business plan; but also to how it is presented. We understand that the longer you can hold interest of the potential investor in your business plan; the greater the chances of them investing. Each business plan is custom created just for your business and goes through multiple reviews before it is handed over to you. We will also review it thoroughly with you to make any necessary changes before the final presentation to potential investors.

        We do not try to play any gimmicks on the investors. We know that typical investors are risk averse and if they have even minor doubt in their mind about your business they will not hesitate to walk away. That is why it is important to pay careful attention to all sections of the business plan and hire outside help from the people who have been there and done that.

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