Management Team

        Angel Business Advisors was founded by Sadhna - "Sally" - Vaishnav in 2009. Sadhna has more than 5 years of hands-on experience in owning and operating multi-unit franchise. In those 5 years she has gone through the entire life cycle of small business operations including buying an existing franchise, opening a new franchise location, operating multiple units and selling them. She was responsible for all aspects of the business including start-up, purchasing, store operations, customer relations, marketing, financing and franchise relation.

        Sadhna is supported by her husband, Haresh - "Harry", who has more than 15 years of experience in working for and advising number of Fortune 500 companies in the areas of business strategy and financial planning. Haresh holds an MBA degree with focus on strategy and marketing from University of Michigan a top ranked business school in the world.

Our Vision / Goal

        Our goal at Angel Business Advisors is to help small business and franchise owners and hopefuls succeed. We aim to be the comprehensive web site with resources for Buyers, Owners and Sellers of small business. We will accomplish this by providing information, insight, guidance and tools acquired from our own experience as past business owners that you can utilize to make right decisions and improve your business performance.